Transparent Traffic Monetization Method

Do you own a high traffic website ?

Start making money without bothering your visitors. No banner, no popup, just allow us to track them with a simple HTML tag.

Monetizing traffic is the challenge

The challenge of every webmaster trying to keep a quality user experience while monetizing traffic to the maximum.

We offer you an additional income with a new monetization method that is completely transparent for the end user.

Additional profit

Our solution does not replace any other one that you already have.

Transparent monetizing

The user experience won't be affected in anyway, our solution is absolutely invisible.

Real Time tracking

Generate trackers for your websites and follow your income in real time

The simplest monetization method ever offered. I placed the tag once and for all on every websites of mine, completely transparent no visitor is bothered and we make a very sweet income monthly. Thank's a lot for the solution.

-Daniel Baron CEO Lead Factory

We teach our learning machine about people behavior

By allowing us to access your traffic, you take an early part in a huge dataset analysis and decision making machine.

Help us to process behaviors on websites, and be our partner for the next step of learning machines.

I'm interrested




Daily surfers tracked



We build a learning machine that is able to take marketing decisions, and improve significantly any product success rate.

Dennis Friman

CEO, TM software

Our most valuable assets are our partenaires, and they can finally monetize some traffic without lowering their users experience in anyway.

Primark Alec

CTO, TM software